Attitude, Adventure, Achievement; three words that drive the vision and strategic goals of our school. We are about living the Triple A's.
We expect a "can do, give it a go" attitude from everyone. We believe that learning should be a bit risky and involve adventure and fun.
Our ERO report Jan 2018 confirms that our school is about high expectations for student achievement. West Spreydon School is an important part of our local community and we love the fact that we are serving our local families and that they in turn play a huge role in serving us. Education is successful when the school and family are in partnership.
West Spreydon School has developed very close connections with businesses, volunteer groups and extended whanau in our local community. This has seen big projects such as the swimming pools, new playground, school orchard, localised sports initiative and parent education race ahead.
Our Board of Trustees has set the vision and strategic goals for the next 3-5 years and we are determined to be the school that sets the pace and standard for our children. IT is important to the ways in which we teach and learn; we are generously resourced and the technology is readily available to the children and staff. There is the sound of laughter in our school and we want it to remain that way.
We believe in restorative practice and developmental theory. That means that mistakes have to be faced with courage and genuine remorse, and successes acknowledged and celebrated. Our staff is professional and caring and this too has been highlighted in our ERO report.
Please take the time to peruse this website and principal's blog. They will give you a picture of who we are and "how we roll" at
West Spreydon School.

Marriene Langton
Principal ( and inordinately proud of our team at WSS)
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