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Information and Communication Technology -
ICT at Te Ara Koropiko West Spreydon School

At TAKWSS we use ICT to equip teachers and parents with strong communication and learning support tools. ICT provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world. TAKWSS students start to use technology from year 0. Once students reach year 4, they will be given an email and access to a Google Drive. This will start their more complex digital journey.

Also, a cool note is we use technology in our outside environments.
●      Music is played during breaks.
●      Our school bell is themed. (Indiana Jones Theme Music, Starwars, Poi E, etc)

Communication - Skool Loop, Seesaw and the School Website
Apps and Websites for Whanau/Student/Teacher Communications

Digi Whanau - Supports Classroom Learning
Digi Whanau Time, where learning and fun go hand in hand. This is an after-school program. Students are immersed in a world of creativity, problem-solving, and digital exploration.

With Scratch, Scratch Jr and Kodable, our young learners are introduced to the world of programming in a fun and intuitive way. They've been tackling coding challenges, solving puzzles, and learning valuable computational thinking skills without even realizing it. It's amazing to see their confidence in coding grow.
Edidisons, the little robots with big personalities, have been making a slow entry into Digi Whanau. Our students can choose to code these little bots during lunchtime with Matua Tony. These robots follow lines, navigate mazes, and even dance to the rhythm of their code. It's a hands-on way to understand the power of coding and problem-solving.

Osmo, has brought a new dimension to learning, making it interactive, immersive, and incredibly enjoyable. Our students can explore a range of educational games, from math challenges to creative drawing, all while interacting with physical objects. Learning through play has never been this much fun!
iMovie, has given our budding filmmakers a platform to showcase their storytelling skills. Our students have been creating their movies, complete with special effects and soundtracks. It's been incredible to witness their creativity shine through the lens.

We are committed to fostering a love for learning in our students, and these tools have been instrumental in making that happen. They've allowed our students to explore, experiment, and embrace the ever-evolving digital world with enthusiasm.

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